Thursday, June 23, 2016

Parents should read to their children

  Reading Aloud is the foundation for literacy development because listening to others read develops a key understand of the story “Once upon a time”. Reading aloud demonstrates the relationship between the printed words, and the meaning of the word the student understands. The printed words tell a story by inviting the listener into a conversation with the author. Students can listen on a higher language level than they can read, so reading aloud makes complex ideas more accessible, exposes students to vocabulary, and language patterns that are not a part of everyday speech. Children need to see how characters in books handle the same fears, interests, and concerns that they experience. When fluent readers think about the text, they   solve the problem as they read the book, and reading is a very important thing that parents should take time out to do because it can help the students listen to sentences, and it can increase the students reading level.   Readers should read this post because it talks about reading aloud so that you can comprehend what you are reading. 

What do children gain from circle time ?


  In kindergarten  you should always have circle time because you are getting the students to come together to share thoughts , make them feel a part of the group, listen to one another , sing together , and have support for one another. Before you have circle time you should do a dance or sing a song to let the students know it is time to go to the special rug. Circle time is a time when you keep your students active by getting them to participate in things that is hands on so that they could fully understand the concept. Read Aloud should be engaging, interesting, and a good book because it will keep the students engaged in it. While reading the book you can find something to pass around in the circle so that the students can touch or feel something that is taken from the story into their hands. Circle time is for the students to learn, and grow. Behaving in a group is a learned skill, which prepares the students for later on in life. The students gain social skills from language, and empathy that is being practiced in circle time.   Readers should click on this post because it will give you a chance to see what  children will  gain from circle time in class.

How can projects help students?

 In school teachers assign projects to their students so that they can have a hands on experience with the objective they learned in class to see if the students were paying attention. For kindergarten- second grade projects help develop their fine motor skills to see if they can learn to follow directions, and if they understand what you are supposed to do. Students learn best by playing, and making art to express themselves by doing different projects. Projects helps students apply what they learn to real life experiences while it also inspires the students to think more in depth about the subject. When the student is given a project it helps the students with their organizational and research skills develop better communication with their peers, and adults. Once the students do the project they have to write down information about the topic because they have to present their project in front of the class.   Readers should click  this post because it shows how children express themselves using there fine motor skills.

Technology have changed things in the classroom


Technology has changed a lot of ways for teachers to communicate with the students in the classroom. Some teachers like to use technology when they are in the classroom because it increases the student’s engagement, and motivates them to learn.  Technology makes the teachers connect more with their students. It is said that online learning can increase the rate of students learning more. Some schools have come up with software that helps students learn on the computer by going to the website to do reading, math, and science. In the reading section you have to pick out the sight words that they have learned in class, read stories, and etc. The students work on the reading section until they have finished a section of 5 questions, and then the teacher moves on to a different subject. Some teaches try to incorporate technology in their class, but most of them like to teach the lesson plan the regular way because you should not always rely on technology unless the school requires it.    Readers  should read this post because it informs you how technology has changed in the classroom.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eduactional Twitter

Twitter can be very useful in the classroom because teachers have taken advantage of twitter to make sure that their classes stay engaged to what is going on, and stay up to date with the lesson plans. The teachers set up an account with dedicated due dates , tests, or quizzes so that if the parents would like to follow the teacher they could to get all the very important dates for when the school is having activities ,and keep up with what their child is doing , but getting twitter is optional. Some teachers think it would be a good idea to put assignments on twitter to collaborate on different projects, and keep a quick reference on any changes rather than sending an e-mail to the teacher. Using twitter in the classroom to create a career list would be a good idea for older students to do by setting up a twitter for education following feeds that are associated with their career goals, and keep up with trends.   Readers should click on my post because it is very useful on how twitter can be used in the classroom.